About Us


Our Philosophy on Food and Coffee

We believe that food should be simple, fresh, wholesome and attractive. We also know that the best foods are made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. Chef Anthony & staff proudly feature more than 79 Classic Sandwiches & more than 24 salads.

In Pursuit of Great Coffee…

We take every effort to furnish you with the finest coffee imaginable. We use only the freshest 100% Arabica beans, from a nearby Michigan roaster, in brewing our coffee. We also grind the beans just before brewing and then keep our priceless Java in vacuum pots to maintain its flavor and aroma. We even Roast our own “House Coffee” right on premises.

The Fabulous Panini

According to myth, the ancient god Pan, was in charge of seeking out new & exciting foods for his fellow gods to enjoy. Once, while visiting a lady friend on earth, Pan was urgently summoned back to Olympus. The gods wanted a new dish for lunch. Pan had his mortal friend throw together the simple fair she had in her cottage – bread, meat, cheese and tomatoes. But in her haste, the girl dropped her food into a smoldering hearth. To Pan’s relief, the gods loved the succulent new taste. Since then, the food became known as PANINI – Pan’s simple creation. Today’s American Panini offers flat breads, stuffed with a variety of dressing, fillings and grilled on a unique Panini grill.

Great food you feel good about eating!

Our Daily Lunch Specials

Check our Deli boards to see what our special is today.
Each day we offer a daily “free” promotion with a qualifying purchase too!

YES, You can HOLD your next meeting here at Cup of the Day. Please call 635-7272 for times and availability.

Ask about our Catering

Chef Anthony and his staff can cater your next meeting or function. From his kitchen, at your facility or at a rented hall, they can prepare fantastic, mouth-watering celebrations!