Cup of the Day & Mother Earth

We’ve always been Green, now even more!


Cream or Sugar with your Coffee? – We have wood stir sticks instead of plastic. Wood is a renewable resource. Plastic is not bio-degradable & its production creates pollution.

Reuse What You Can! – Order 2 or more drinks & we’ll be glad to let you use a drink tray but we ask that you return it or use it again rather than throw it away.  We stamp it with a recycle logo to remind you this simple act can help save the planet.


Paper or Foam Coffee To Go? – We use a paper cup for our to go beverages. Paper’s better for the environment than a Styrofoam cup. Our cups are more expensive than foam, but are much better for our planet. We could buy a cheaper cup for you to use but we would feel guilty. We also wonder WHY our local competitors use Styrofoam cups that are bad for the planet and cause pollution both during production and after their use. Could it be that they are so inexpensive to buy them by the case?


Recycled Napkins & Biodegradable Silverware and Containers – We currently use EARTH WISETM 100% recycled paper napkins made from 65-80% post-consumer content which is certified by Green SealTM. Our containers may look like foam BUT they are all 100% biodegradable, FDA approved, recyclable, compostable, landfill degradable & safe for the environment; just like our cutlery.


Your Mother Packed Your Lunch with it… – We use brown sacks for our lunches to go. White bags need to be bleached and cause harm to our water sources. We live in the Great Lake State, lets keep them that way!