Our Staff

Current Staff

Most of whom are part timers going to LSSU or working their way through High School. If you are a current employee, please email me and let me know what you’d like me to share. If you would like to apply to Cup of the Day, please email me with your resume and class schedule (if you have one).

Ashley H. – Ashley is a graduate of Sault High and more recent graduate of Lake Superior State University. She resides in Edmenton is is currently back at Cup of the Day for a whirl-wing reunion tour.

Jen M. – Jen and her husband Craig live in Sault Ste. Marie.

Anthony Stackpoole – I think you all know enough about me, and besides, this page was meant for my wonderful employees. Tony’s resume or email him.

Judy Smith – My business partner and owner of Judy and company, the salon in the building.

Past Staff

Most of whom have moved on to bigger and better things. Graduated College or left High school for College. If you are a past employee, please email me and let me know what you are up to and how you are doing. I would love to include you on our staff page for people to follow your life. You can request me to write whatever you’d like to share with us. I know all of you have a great foundation in life and will go far in life. So with that in mind…

  • Crystal D. – Crystal was recommended for a job here by my Uncle in Livonia where she worked at her aunt’s photo lab. It took her a year to come get a job but she is lots of fun to work with! Crystal got married in 2003 and really only helps me when I need extra staff. She graduated LSSU in spring of 03′ and had a beautiful baby boy in December 2003.
  • Chelsea B. – Another fine alumni of Sault High attending LSSU studing elementary Education. She is cool only because she is Ashley’s cousin.
  • Mandy M. – Mandy also attended Sault High and was on the pon-pom squad. She was an excellent student and now attend Central Michigan University.
  • Amber T. – Amber is from Ann Arbor attending LSSU studing elementary Education. She wants to teach your children… Beware!
  • Jennifer B.
  • Allison D. – Ally is another Sault High student working towards graduation in 2007.
  • Allison C. – Allison worked for me when I first opened. She came back again this past fall (1998) and was working at both Haller’s Hallmark stores, (Downtown and at Cascade Crossings). Allison is currently employeed at War Memorial Hospital.
  • Amanda M. – Heide is leaving soon to attend the Navy.
  • Amber . – Amber graduated from LSSU.
  • Andrea P. – Andrea, from West Dearborn, attends L.S.S.U. on a full time basis. She is in the Education field and plans to teach grade school students the fine art of living life to the fullest!
  • Brittany Z. – Brittany attends Sault High and will graduate 2001. She is a gifted artist!
  • Cheryl K. – Cheryl’s from Escanaba and transfered to LSSU to complete her degree work. She came to work here with tons of experience from a coffee shop in Escanaba.
  • Danielle P. – She has taken on a job with the Michigan Republican Caucus. She works out of Lansing and her first assignment was with our very own State Representative Scott Shackleton.
  • Mandy D. – Mandy worked for 2-1/2 years, finished school, got married to Dave and moved back to Alaska. Guess there wasn’t enough snow in the Sault for her!
  • Heide K. – Heide is now a petty officer in the US Navy and doing well. She is stationed at the Fallon Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada.
  • Stephanie B. – Stephanie left the Soo in November 2003 to attend US Coast Gaurd Bootcamp and is now tending a vessel in Boston. Maybe she’ll be stationed at Base Sault in the future?
  • Laura B. – Laura is finishing her degree at LSSU and is also the proud mother of a baby girl.
  • Rebecca S. -Becca returned to the Sault and is the proud mother of a lovely baby girl.
  • Nick K. – An original Sault-ite, he is a great guy who loves his Java! Nick spent last summer working the docks in St. Ignace, Mackinac City and on the Island.
  • Nicole C. – Nicole is from Grand Rapids and was a sophomore at LSSU. She just married a Canadian student and had a baby.